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Fifteen soldiers killed by twin blasts in Burkina Faso

At least 15 Burkinabe soldiers were killed when their vehicle hit several landmines in the northern region of the country. The number of those killed includes a rescue team that hit a second explosive while attempting to help the first vehicle.

No group has stepped forward to officially claim the attacks.

Amidst the jihadist violence the region continues to experience, church leaders have shared their thoughts on the situation.

“The security situation in the country is getting worse every day, armed groups are advancing, there are attacks against the army, and the population is subject to its will” said Fr. Etienne Tandamba, a priest of the diocese of Fada N’Gourma, in an interview late last year with RECOWA-CERAO, the Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa.

Father Tandamba said that “the Church is resilient” and “continues to pray and find ways and means to announce the good news and care for Christian communities.”

“We continue to make great sacrifices to help the poor and needy, especially the internally displaced,” he said, adding that through radio and other forms of communication, the Church seeks to bring about “social cohesion and religious tolerance as well as dialogue.”


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