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A Muslim mob attacked a group of Christians in Egypt

After a church in Egypt, the Church of Michael the Archangel, received formal legal recognition last month, outraged Muslim mobs attacked the homes of many local Coptic Christians.


The perpetrators, who targeted the Christian homes on June 23, amassed into large crowds and began hurling rocks through the windows of the homes. Buildings and vehicles sustained significant damage from the stones and from fires set by arsonists.

The church which provoked the ire of this local Muslim community was originally built in 2003, and local Christians have awaited the church’s official legal approval for many years. Throughout the process, Muslims in the area have rejected the legitimacy of the new church, asserting that the construction or restoration of a church contradicts Islamic law.

The Conditions of Omar, thought to have been written by Caliph Omar I, is one Islamic text that they refer to. The text dictates that no churches should ever be built or repaired, and that Christians must make do with preexisting churches only.


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