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Christian woman raped in a Church by Muslim men in Pakistan

A Christian woman was kidnapped from her home by three Muslim men and raped in a Christian church. One of the rapists has been arrested, the other two are wanted by the police.

On the 3rd of July, a man named Muhammad Imran and his accomplices broke into the home of a Christian man named Adeel Masih in Sheikhupura City, Pakistan. After stealing some values, the robbers grabbed Adeel Masih’s wife, Zakia. They then tore her clothes in front of her husband and children.

They took her to a Church nearby where they raped the woman. There were three robbers including Muhammad Imran who was the leader. They purposely took Zakia to church and raped her there to desecrate the Church. After that, they also robbed the Church and stole valuable things from there. Muhammad Imran has just been arrested and his accomplices have absconded. District Police Officer Sheikhupura Faisal Mukhtar has assured that the other two robbers will be arrested soon.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians

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