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Pro-life watchdog group’s investigation forces Florida abortion facility to close

A national pro-life watchdog group's investigation has led to the closure of a Florida abortion facility that failed to abide by standard emergency medical protocols, with reports surfacing of patients experiencing extensive bleeding and other severe complications.


Reprotection, the pro-life group responsible for spearheading the investigation that led to the suspension, began the process of attempting to shut the facility down two years ago.

On May 20, Florida’s Agency of Health Care Administration issued an order to suspend the license of the American Family Planning abortion facility in Pensacola.

Earlier this month, a patient experienced an incomplete second-trimester abortion due to a possible uterine rupture and cervical lacerations, according to the order. There is no record of the facility monitoring the woman’s condition or vital signs before or after the procedure, as required by law.

The woman reportedly sat in the car with her husband after the abortion. Clinic staff later instructed the husband to drive his wife to a hospital in Mobile, Alabama, instead of a closer one. By the time the woman received care from a hospital, she had “undetectable blood pressure” and “required resuscitation and mass transfusion.”

In March, another woman undergoing a second-trimester abortion began bleeding, but there is also no record of the facility monitoring her vitals. She had no pulse by the time she was transferred to the emergency room and was later forced to undergo a hysterectomy.


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