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Three Coptic Christians brutally murdered in Egypt


On March 1, three Coptic Christian brothers were brutally murdered by a group of six Muslims who claimed the attack was a “revenge killing” after the death of their own family member seventy years ago.


Their attackers, from Jaweer village, shot the men in Ibshadat village of Mallawi district and then cut and mutilated their bodies. The attackers reportedly danced as they committed their crime.

The village from which they came also celebrated with musical instruments when they heard the news. The family and friends of the Youssef Youssef family mourned and wailed upon hearing about the men’s death.

Lawyers and those familiar with the incident reported that the men knew nothing of the killing that happened when their father was younger and that the manner of the recent murders did not match those of typical revenge killings.

Some remarked that the mutilating of the corpses made it clear that the violence was linked to religious identity and mirrored the killings of the Islamic State.


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