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Illegaly stolen ralestate returned to Christians


There are already more than 120 real estate assets - land and houses - returned to their legitimate owners by virtue of the campaign promoted by the Shiite leader Muqtada al Sadr and his Sadrist Movement in favour of Christian citizens and Mandeans who in recent years had suffered illegitimate usurpations of their properties by individuals or organized groups.

 The provisional result of the restitution campaign was released after a delegation of members of the Committee created ad hoc by the Sadrist Movement carried out an inspection on Monday, February 21 in some of the real estate properties returned to their legitimate owners.

Among the participants in the inspection included Hakim al-Zamili, Vice President of Parliament, Hassan al-Kaabi, Vice President of the Sadrist bloc in the Iraqi Parliamentary Assembly, and Abu Mustafa al Hamidawi, an officer of Saraya al-Salam (“Peace Brigades”), a paramilitary formation headed by the Sadrist movement. Al-Zamili, in some statements also reported by the online newspaper, confirmed that in the recent past groups he defined as “real estate mafias” had taken advantage of the precarious security conditions to illegally appropriate houses and land belonging to minority communities, trusting that such groups would not have had the opportunity to react in the face of such acts of injustice.

The Sadist Movement – added al Zamili – claims its role as protector “of every weak person”, and will fight by any legal means the prevarications perpetrated to the detriment of minority communities. The recovered properties are houses, agricultural land, commercial buildings, even small factories and shops, scattered between the cities of Baghdad, Mosul, Basra and Kirkuk.

Source: Agenzia Fides

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