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91-year-old Christian murdered at home in Bangladesh

An elderly Christian man was murdered in a Bangladesh village and five members of his family hospitalised in what locals are describing as a retaliatory attack against the family on the 29th of January.


Malkam D’Costa, the 91-year-old victim, allegedly died by a forced drug overdose. He is the neighbour of a Christian rape victim who was also drugged, and D’Costa’s son was a witness during that case.    

According to local news reports, hundreds of Christians in the village attended a recent protest because they believed the two cases were connected.  

“Our village is a very old Christian settlement,” said one protester. “There are various problems being created here lately. Christians face various problems in the village, which was not the case earlier. I think we are being attacked because we are a minority.” 

While Christians have a presence in this Bangledesh village, it is part of a Catholic diocese that was only established in 2015. Christians are a small minority within the country, and residents report that the village has struggled recently with increased persecution.  


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