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The driver of a pro-life truck has been assaulted in Poland

The Pro - Right to Life foundation is looking for the perpetrator of a brutal attack on a Foundation driver. The vehicle he was driving drove through the streets of Warsaw and informed the inhabitants of the actions of unpunished abortion criminals who traded in illegal abortion pills. The Foundation published an image of the aggressor, asking for help in establishing his identity.


The incident took place at the end of January 2022. When the Foundation’s car stopped at a traffic light in the Wilanów district, a man suddenly ran up to him. The attacker first threw a heavy object at the car, then opened the door and began tugging and pulling the car driver’s clothes. He also hit him twice with the door and damaged his phone. The event can be seen in the video we provide below.

– Abortion, also with abortion pills, is a brutal murder. The bandits who support abortion are also ready to attack those who have already been born. Despite these attacks, it is our duty to preach the truth. People must not be killed! Even when they are very young – comments Mariusz Dzierżawski, a member of the board of the Pro – Right to Life Foundation.


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