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Robberies of French cemeteries on the rise

The priveate Franch TV station LCI is interested in thefts of cemeteries, which have been on the rise in the last years.


In the only cemetery of Villeneuve d’Ascq, near Lille, which is experiencing a phenomenon of theft of crosses and funeral objects in bronze , “ 140 [thefts] have been recorded since December.

Bronze crosses, statuettes or flowerpots,… Everything seems to interest thieves. And it is very difficult to know their motivations, their modus operandi, or even to stop them.

It might be time for the public authorities to act, before the families put GPS trackers on their bronze objects, as the report seems to push them, and follow their trail to certain well-known breakages, on the other side of the border, or certain camps for itinerant people who are nevertheless well identified.

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