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Christian girl abducted and raped by Muslim man in Pakistan

Earlier this month, 16-year-old Christian girl was kidnapped near her college in Okara by a Muslim man.


She was drugged and then driven to Faisalabad in southwest Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab in Pakistan. There, she was raped several times. The next morning, she was found by her mother Grace as she was laying unconscious on the street near her home.

Grace stated in the first information report that her daughter went to the college in the morning and was supposed to be picked up by her brother that afternoon. When her brother showed up, he was informed that she was already gone.

According to a local Pastor, the girl had been refusing the perpetrators advances for several months. He then escalated his harassments into sexual assault. No arrest has been made, which shows how justice is often elusive for the persecuted.


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