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Four civilians killed by Boko Haram in Cameroon

Last Wednesday, Boko Haram terrorists killed at least four civilians in an overnight attack in the far-north region of Cameroon, International Christian Concern reports.

“On Wednesday around 8 pm (local time), Boko Haram terrorists arrived in Tourou township and shot dead three men and a woman, and wounded four others before leaving for Nigeria,” said Vohot Deguime, the mayor of Mokolo, a city near the border with Nigeria.

Cameroon is the 42nd most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian, according to the 2021 Open Doors World Watch List. Especially in the far north, Christians are targeted and killed by Boko Haram in an attempt to rid the country of “infidels” and establish an Islamic state.

This increase in violence follows as the country continues to undergo a battle between anglophone and francophone populations. The “Anglophone Crisis” started in 2017, when separatists in Cameroon began trying to create a new nation known as Ambazonia. This crisis has left the government and the country open to attacks from groups like Boko Haram, who use the confusion and chaos to stage attacks, steal supplies and kill civilians.

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