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Chinese elementary school discriminates against students with religious parents

An elementary school’s survey recently revealed by local media in Shanxi province has attracted much criticism, as the school categorizes students based on discriminatory statuses.


First reported by “we media” outlets in Yuanping city under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Xinzhou, a whistleblower questioned the First Elementary School’s wording in its survey of parents, where it separates the students according to their parents’ social classes.

Such discriminatory classification, according to the whistleblower, “would certainly hurt the students who are mentally fragile and cause antipathy from the society.”

On the survey published by the media, one can see that the school in Yuanping city has categorized the students in 11 categories: Female, Student with Single Parent, Student Who Dropped Out, Student with Parent(s) in Leadership Position (referring to government leadership), Children of Enterprise Owner, Children of Official(s) With Monopolizing Power, Student with Parent(s) Who Have Criminal Record, Student with Bad Grade, Student from Out of Town or Admitted through Guanxi (influential relationships), Student Who is in a Relationship, and Student with Religious Parent(s).

According to local authorities in Yuanping, while it is true that the government has asked each school in a meeting to conduct a survey on students who face hardships to better take care of them, yet the First Elementary School has falsely interpreted the meeting’s spirit. Its principal leaders also did not examine the survey rigorously beforehand.

Although this episode in Shanxi is an isolated case, it is not a novelty that schools across China are increasingly viewing religious parents as unfavorable. ICC recently reported on how the Chinese government is threatening Christian parents that their children’s rights to higher education can be at stake if they continue their religious activities.


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