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38 Christians buried in mass grave in Nigeria


On the 26th of Septmeber 2021, Fulani terrorists attacked Madamai village in Kaduna State and killed 38 people. In addition, nine people were seriously injured, and 46 homes were destroyed.


At about the same time on the same day, four people were killed by the same jihadist group in Kpachudu village, Plateau state. According to Magaji, these attacks were “simply because they were Christians.”

While speaking with ICC, Reverend Ephraim Kafang, the incumbent Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), said, “The situation of Christians in Nigeria is no doubt extremely pathetic. Such killings have been on for no less than two decades. The state government has shown no concern to bring an end to it.”

Kafang continued, “Obviously, there’s no political will to rescue Christians. I believe that what is happening to us in Nigeria is an Islamic agenda, an effort to Islamize the country”.

Laah Yakubu, Public Relations Officer of Professional Hunters of Nigeria, added, “The sluggish response to rescue the situation by the security agents led to the killing of 14 people in a family of 15 amongst others”.

Madamai has an estimated population of 3,000 people. The Christian community has been attacked twice by militant Fulani in just a little over one month. On Sunday, August 15th, five Christians were killed, several others were seriously injured, and 20 homes and eight vehicles were set ablaze.


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