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Christian boy suffered acid attack in India


Sixteen-year-old Nitish Kumar was attacked with acid last week in north India’s Bihar state, leaving him with burns covering 60% of his body.


The victim’s sister, Raja Davabi, told ICC that the incident occurred at 6:30 am, when Nitish left the house to go to market. Almost immediately after leaving, Nitish was carried back into their home by multiple people, screaming, with burns all over his body.

It was a horrifying scene of my brother,” said Raja, “I started yelling and crying looking at my brother. He was in terrible pain at that  point and all that I could do is to share the pain by wrapping him in my hands.”

With the help of the local Pastor, Nitish was rushed to the nearby clinic where he received first aid treatment before being sent to a specialized burn unit in Patna, India.

While the motivation for the attack is yet to be known, the Christian community suspects that it is the work of anti-Christian activists in the village. Both Nitish Kumar, the victim, and his brother, Sanjith Kumar, are active in the church and conduct daily prayer gatherings.


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