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Video revealing the miracle of life inside the womb

The video shows a baby’s progress from a single-celled human to a human with a beating heart, brain waves, fingers, and toes. The computer-generated 3D animation uses motion capture technology of real human movement.

In the video of Life Site News,

“We see Olivia’s journey from her very beginning at the moment of fertilization, and follow along to her first heartbeat 22 days later. We see her bouncing around in the womb at 11 weeks — before her mother can even feel her movements! — and responding to light at 27 weeks. Then, we see her preparing for birth, after which she will gain a whole new set of experiences in the world outside the womb.”

The story of Olivia is the most realistic and medically accurate animated representation of a child developing in her mother’s womb ever made. 

Source: Catholic News Agency

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