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New Netflix documentary slams Christianity

Netflix's new documentary "Pray Away" is filled with lies, says Jefferey McCall, a former Transwoman, who found freedom in Jesus.


The documentary premiered on the 3rd of August and focuses on the work of Exodus International, a US-based Christian organisation, which sought to “help people who wished to limit their homosexual desires” in the 1990s and early 2000s. It additionally portrays the experiences of people who went through conversion therapy lead by Exodus International. McCall, who is the founder of Freedom March, states that secular media is equating Christianity and his “freedom marches” with conversion therapy.

Talking about her personal story with conversion therapy Kristine Stolakis said: “My uncle, who was very dear to me, went through conversion therapy when he came out as trans as a child. He never fully accepted himself. He was celibate his entire life. He also suffered from tremendous mental health challenges, from depression, anxiety, addiction, to obsessive-compulsive disorder, to suicidal ideations.” Stolakis is the director of the documentary.

Conversion therapy has been in the news recently for the UK is about to vote to ban conversion therapy, including prayer and pastoral support. Siding with the Church and Christian organisations Boris Johnson, UK’s Prime Minister said earlier this year that he does not want to see “clergy and church members criminalised for normal non-coercive activity”, which sparked debate around the topic. 


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