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The fourth season of “The Chosen” has been announced

The creator and director of The Chosen announced on Wednesday the highly anticipated streaming launch date of Season 4 and shared details about the legal dispute with Angel Studios. He stated that both parties had agreed to arbitration to "resolve this in a biblical way."


Although Season 4 premiered in theaters in February, the streaming release was delayed due to a legal conflict involving a 2022 contract. On Tuesday, the arbitrator ruled in favor of The Chosen, according to creator and director Dallas Jenkins, who disclosed this on Wednesday. Angel Studios has announced plans to appeal the decision.

Episode 1 will premiere on The Chosen app and the series’ social media accounts on Sunday, June 2.

“Finally,” Jenkins remarked during a livestream. The remaining episodes will be released over the next month, each Sunday and Thursday. For fans eager to watch all episodes at once, Season 4 will be available for purchase on DVD/Blu-ray, Jenkins noted.


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