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Twelve-year-old girl announced the arrival of Fulani terrorists, saving many lives

Twelve-year-old Rejoice Moses was the first to see the attackers making their way to Kagoro community, Nigeria, during the early hours of Sunday, August 15th. The young girl told ICC that she had climbed up a hill that morning to use the restroom when suddenly she looked into the distance and saw a group of men dressed in all black.


“Some were wearing Red caps and others Black caps, with guns,” she said. Rejoice immediately began to run for her life and alert the villagers of the pending attack.

The gunmen noticed her and began to shoot, but despite being hit, the young hero continued to run through the pain and notify the village. She sustained multiple gunshot wounds before reuniting with her mother.

 “We hid and were hearing from the attackers who were passing by very close,” Rejoice narrated,  “they were speaking Fulani and some were extremely tall while some were short. They were shooting sporadically, burning down houses.”

At least five were killed that day in Plateau State’s Madamai village, while many others were injured. In addition, several homes and a church were completely destroyed by fire.


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