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Christian couple brutally assaulted in India

On July 28, a pastor and his wife were brutally assaulted by a mob of radical Hindu nationalists wielding an iron chain and wooden clubs. The attack took place in India’s Karnataka state and left the pastor unconscious and rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.


Pastor Shalem Maniraj and his wife travelled to Doddahassala village to pray for a sick church member on July 28. When the couple arrived at the church member’s house, it was surrounded by a mob of 20 radical Hindu nationalists. The radicals abused the couple with foul language and accused them of converting people to the Christian faith.

Sensing danger, Pastor Maniraj and his wife decided to immediately leave the village. As they were walking out of the village, the mob attacked them. They beat Pastor Maniraj with an iron chain and wooden clubs until he was left unconscious. The mob also beat Pastor Maniraj’s wife as she attempted to defend her husband.

The fifty-two-year-old Pastor Maniraj is the head pastor at Bethel Miracle Church in Gangathra, approximately ten miles from Doddahassala. Speaking with ICC, Pastor Maniraj said he decided not to file a police complaint against those who attacked him because he wants to forgive them as Christ has forgiven.


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