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Boko Haram and Islamic State jihadists fight each other for supremacy in Africa

After the killing of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau by ISIS fighters, ISIS continues to strengthen its domination and conquest in the African country, Wassim Nasr, a correspondent for France24, told Vatican News.


According to the journalist’s account, in Nigeria, the unity of radical Islamists from the opposing Boko Haram faction is strengthening, who, after weakening the hostile organisation, may focus on further expansion and expansion towards joining groups from the Sahel region.

Six years ago, it was only the growing power Boko Haram seeking an alliance with ISIS, but the latter organisation assessed Boko Haram’s methods as too radical. The jihadists of this group did not hesitate to even use children in suicide bombings or persecute the Muslim population who refused to support their actions. As a result of the disagreement, the Islamic State decided to eliminate the Boko Haram structures, culminating in the killing of their leader.

“Today, Boko Haram is no longer a significant force, both in terms of the number of fighters and the controlled territory. Currently, almost the entire region is under the control of the Islamic State, which, compared to Boko Haram, is much better organised, militarily more professional and less extremist. It also has organisational facilities that Boko Haram did not have,” explains Wassim Nasr.


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