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Spanish socialists want to criminalise pro-life marches

The ruling socialist party in Spain has submitted a draft law criminalising pro-life protests in front of abortion clinics.


The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party has submitted a draft law providing penalties for pro-life activists “harassing” women wishing to have an abortion outside the clinic, which the document describes as “voluntary termination of pregnancy”.

As a result, organising a pro-life demonstration in front of an abortion clinic may be punishable by imprisonment from three months to a year or community service for thirty-one to eighty days, as well as a ban on staying in the place where this “harassment” took place.

According to the narrative of the ruling socialist party, the proposed new law is conditioned by actions such as “approaching women with photos, models of fetuses and statements against abortion, the aim of which is to induce women to change their mind through coercion, intimidation and harassment.”


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