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Christians were forced to stop building their church in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, demolished chruch

The Christians of the Mru tribe in Southeast Bangladesh all contributed to the construction of a local church with their own money. In the middle of the works, the local Buddhist community, lead by a monk, forced them to stop the construction.


“A monk came and asked me to stop the construction”, said Ringrang Mro, a leader of the church. “I was told that we could not build a church at that place because they do not want it. However, before starting the construction, we asked for the permission of the Buddhist community, and they gave their consent. Now that we are in the middle of the work, they are asking us to stop the construction”.

The Buddhists told the Christians that they could not build the church because they wanted a walking path through the land where the church was being built. “It was just an excuse; we do not need that path— there are already numerous walking paths”, said the leader.

“Many tribal communities, mainly Buddhists, has been living in Bandarban for generations. Even though there is a temple in the town, the local Christians cannot go there to pray”, said Ringrang. 

Source: Portas Abertas

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