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European Parliament publishes report on “sexual and reproductive rights”

The European Parliament's Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality has adopted a report on "sexual and reproductive health and rights". This ideological term has never been accepted by the international community but is presented in the report as binding.


Under this concept, an attempt is made to force the legal acceptance of the so-called abortion or the introduction of vulgar sex education. However, it is important to emphasise that the European Parliament does not have the power to decide on the health policy of the member states.

“The report repeatedly “calls” on the Member States to ensure access to abortion, even though the issue of deciding on the legality of abortion is the sole competence of the Member States. The European Union does not have the competence to interfere in their health policies, which has been repeatedly confirmed by the European Commission itself,” commented Anna Kubacka, a Polish analyst at the Ordo Iuris Center for International Law.

Work on the report has been going on in the European Parliament for several months. It was submitted by MEP Predraga Fred Matica – a socialist from Croatia. The publication contains numerous false pieces of information, uses terms that do not have a legally binding definition, and refers to data without any reliable source.


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