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Music of praise reached the semi-finals in Hungarian national song contest

Jonathan Andelic, a Hungarian singer participated in "A Dal" (The Song) the Hungarian national song contest with a song of praise entitled "Áldom" (I bless His Name). The song finally got into the semi-final thanks to the votes of the audience.


The “A Dal” Hungarian song contest has been organised every year since 2012. At the outset, this broadcast aimed to select a song that would represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2019, Hungary decided not to participate in the Eurovision anymore. Since then, this competition is an opportunity for aspiring musicians to show their talent and get into the music industry.

This year, one of the contestants, Jonathan Andelic, entered the competition with a song of praise. It is not his first song that talks about God, and the singer openly confesses his faith. The music “Áldlak” is a popular Funk music, that, according to the jury, can also grab the attention of people who are not religious.

In the end, the points of the jury were not sufficient to get the song into the semi-final, but the song passed with the vote of the audience. 

Photo: Instagram/Herczeg Fanni

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