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Hindu extremists attacked a worship service in India

A Christian worship service was brutally attacked by Hindu extremists earlier this month in India’s Uttar Pradesh State.


On the 3rd of January, a mob of fifteen to twenty Hindu extremists attacked Christians gathered for worship at Heavenly Gospel Mission Church in the Shahjahanpur District. The extremists beat the Christians, including women and children, with wooden batons, church chairs, and other objects they found at hand.

While beating the Christians, the extremists demanded their victims curse the name of Jesus.

“We were already so much in pain, and the assaulters would just not relent,” Pastor David told Morning Star News. “After the physical torture did not come to an end, we decided to do what they were forcing us to do – we cursed Lord Jesus Christ.”

As a result of the attack, several Christians were severely injured and others were falsely accused under the state’s new anti-conversion law.


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