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Five American states report over one hundred babies born alive after abortion

In the last twelve years, 108 babies have been born alive after attempted abortions in five U.S. states alone. The babies were born in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota and Texas, Live Action reported, citing state records. Only a small minority of states reports when babies are born alive after an abortion, Live Action Director of External Affairs Alison Centofante told The Christian Post.


Only a small number of abortions result in a child’s live birth. Texas statistics suggest that about two babies in 100,000 survive abortion. But when people hear about these cases, it can impact how people view unborn babies, she noted.

Abortion methods include injecting potassium chloride or digoxin, dilation and evacuation, which pro-life groups refer to as dismemberment, and crushing the skull, among others.

According the 2002 act, U.S. law considers “every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development” a person. Actively killing a baby after birth is murder under U.S. law.

The law is less clear on whether infants born alive after an abortion can be left to die without medical help. In nineteen states, no laws demand that adults provide medical care for babies born after abortion.


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