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Hungarian monuments lit in red on Red Wednesday


On Wednesday, the 25th of November, various monuments were lit in red in Budapest, to remember Christians martyrs and persecuted Christians.


Every year since 2016, during the last week of November, many famous monuments and buildings are lit in red around the world, to commemorate martyrs and persecuted Christians.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, also engages in this initiative.

This year, the Statue of Saint Gerard, the Saint Elisabeth Bridge, and four churches belonging to different Christian denominations were lit in red (the Assumption Parish Church in the city centre, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Mother of God, the Calvinist Church at Szilágyi Dezső Square and the Budavár Lutheran Church).

This year, besides the victims of persecution, the Church also remembered the victims of COVID-19.

Source: 777 blog

Photo: MTI/Bruzák Noémi

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