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Papuan pastor allegedly killed in Indonesia

A sixty-seven-year-old Protestant pastor has been tortured and shot on the 19th of September by a soldier from the Indonesian Army during a search for missing weapons and the whereabouts of separatists last September in Indonesia’s restive Papua province.


Pastor Yeremia became a victim since the military suspected he was involved in a separatist group. His killing was not an isolated case. Two Catholic catechists were also killed in October after being accused of being separatist rebels, a version of events rejected by the local Catholic Church.

Along with the report, Komnas HAM made a recommendation to President Jokowi and the security minister that along with finding the culprits, witnesses should be protected and efforts made to ensure a less security-driven approach to policing the area.

Indonesia’s resource-rich Papua has seen a long-standing conflict between security forces and separatist groups since its absorption into Indonesia in 1969. Beginning in the fall of 2019, there have been a series of protests and clashes between the Indonesian Army and the separatist groups, forcing tens of thousands to flee.



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