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Chin Christian IDPs and refugees need help in Myanmar

On the 21st of October, US refugee and immigration advocates called for more help for ethnic Chin Christians internally displaced in Myanmar and those who have fled to neighbouring India and Malaysia.


According to Crux Now, many groups are advocating for greater access for relief workers to reach internally displaced Christians at numerous camps set up in Chin, better integration into society for Myanmar Christian refugees now settled in India and Malaysia and an opportunity for them to enter the United States as refugees suffering from religious persecution.

Given the ongoing Burmese Army’s campaign to purge Rakhine of its Rohingya Muslim population, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled to nearby Asian countries, and deep suffering continues for those who are left behind.

The groups including the Chin Association of Maryland, Catholic Relief Services, and The US bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services are calling for the US to raise its cap on the number of refugees facing religious persecution that it will admit.


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