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A statue of Ronald Reagan vandalised by pro-abortion protesters in Poland

US President Ronald Reagan’s statue in Warsaw was defaced by vandals who sprayed it with pro-abortion and anti-government slogans this weekend.


According to, some phrases sprayed on the statue included “pro abo” and “d*ck”. Also painted on the statue were eight stars which among protesters against the Law and Justice (PiS) ruling conservative government, means: “f*ck PiS”.

This incident comes after several churches were attacked over the weekend in Poland. Protesters are angry about a new landmark ruling from Poland’s Constitutional Court, which announced that eugenic abortion for fetuses with potential disabilities, such as Down syndrome, is unconstitutional. 


Former US army colonel and attaché to Poland, Ray Wojcik, referred to the attack on Reagan’s statue, expressing his shock by emphasising that Reagan had been a “champion of Polish liberty, including rights to assemble and protest”. He added that the culprits had shown a “phenomenal ignorance” of history.



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