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Anti-Catholic violence continues in Poland amid pro-abortion unrest

Following the announcement of the Polish Constitutional Court to make eugenic abortion illegal, radical and far-left feminist movements took to the streets of major cities in the country to express their anger. In addition to demonstrating in front of the residences of government officials, radical groups have decided to attack Christians.


Last Sunday, many Catholic, patriotic and nationalist organisations improvised a plan to defend places of worship.

This plan consisted of a small group of people (usually young men) guarding the entrance of churches to prevent protesters chanting vulgar slogans from entering the places of worship during Mass.

However, there have been numerous cases of feminists entering churches to disrupt the ceremony. The pro-abortion rallies have caused a host of complications, especially traffic congestion, making transit difficult even for ambulances.

In the city of Poznań, a priest was forced to interrupt Mass amid the heckling and disorder caused by the troublemakers. Several monuments to the memory of St. John Paul II have also been desecrated, as has the former parish of Cardinal Wyszyński in Lublin. In the city of Łódz, a group of young women clad in capes entered a church in order to unfurl a banner with inscriptions offensive to Catholics.

On Monday evening, the atmosphere was tense in the centre of the capital, Warsaw, where clashes erupted between pro-abortion protesters and football supporters. In front of the famous Church of the Holy Cross located in the city centre, passers-by were able to witness surrealistic scenes. Pro-abortion protesters chanted slogans such as “f*** you”, and others mocked religious symbols, as Catholics gathered outside the entrance,  prayed the rosary. The two groups were separated by a line of police.

Graffiti has also been scrawled on the walls of numerous churches across the country. Among the most abject, we find inscriptions such as: “Pity that [the Virgin] Mary did not perform an abortion”, “f*** the clergy”, “abortion saves lives”, etc.

The examples formulated above represent only a small part of the anti-Christian acts perpetrated in recent days. Provocations from LGBT movements had already increased during this summer, but the violence and aggression of radical feminists far exceed anything that has been observed to date.


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