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Military take over power in Mali

Yesterday, the leader of the military, Col. Assimi Goita, announced that he will take over the role of the vice- president. The president of the transitional government will be a former minister of defence named, Col Maj. Bah N’Daw, folowing a coup in Mali.


The military has effectively seized full control of the Malian government. Coups such as this are not new in Africa. In total, there have been 34 attempted coups since 2010 throughout Africa. Most of Africa’s current leaders took power through coups.

The governments, that are being formed after these coups, are usually corrupt and oppressive. That is why the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS) is worried. They fear that if the new government in Mali is run by the military, it could turn into another Sudan under the rule of Omar al-Bashir.

This would be detrimental for the minority Christian population of Mali because they already suffer from being treated as second class citizens at the hands of large extremist populations in the country.


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