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Viewers criticised Disney’s Mulan for being shot in a region where women are forced to abort their children


The latest version of Disney's Mulan was presented on Friday, the 11th of September on the streamer Disney+. Shortly after its first showing, it was criticised by many, because audiences discovered that it was shot in the region of Xinjiang, where, according to many the local Uighur minority is seriously persecuted.


Allegedly, many of the Muslim Uighurs, living in this zone, are transferred to reeducation camps, and the women are forced to have abortions.

Some viewers were especially indignant because Disney thanked the Chinese government and the local authority that they could film there, but they have not said a word about the horror that happened in the region against the Uighurs.

The day after the first run of the film, Bob Chapek, an American republican senator wrote a letter to Disney’s executive director, in which he criticised the establishment for “hiding the on-going genocide of the Uighurs and other Muslim minorities during the filming of Mulan”.

Source: Acidigital

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