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Two Pakistani men were arrested for killing a Christian neighbour

In June, a Christian man died in hospital, after he was shot by Muslim men, because he was the only Christian in the Muslim neighbourhood.


Recently, Pakistani police arrested two men, Salman Khan and Suleman Khan, in connection with the killing of a Christian man, Nadeem Joseph.

In June, Joseph and his family were attacked by Muslim neighbours after moving into the TV Colony of Peshawar, the capital of the Khybar Pakhtunkhawa province in Pakistan.

Joseph and his mother-in-law were shot by Salman Khan and his brother, Suleman. Joseph was transferred to hospital with serious injuries.

In a video message recorded from his hospital bed, Joseph said, “A month ago, I purchased a house in TV Colony. I still have to make the final payments to the seller, but Salman Khan, a Muslim in the neighbourhood, started harassing my family.”

Joseph also said that Salman threatened them to leave the neighbourhood because it was for Muslim residents only.

On the 30th of June, Joseph died in hospital as a result of the gunshot wounds he sustained.



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