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International abortion lobby puts Slovakian pro-life politicians under pressure

Slovak MPs are being pressured by the global abortion lobby not to introduce changes that hinder access to abortion. More than one hundred organisations from around the world have warned them against new barriers to accessing "abortion care" in the country.


International organisations promoting abortion urge Slovak MPs not to restrict access to abortion. Work is currently underway to adopt a law limiting access to the practice of killing unborn children. Previously, many initiatives on this matter always ended in failure.

The amendments, tabled by a group of deputies gathered around Anna Záborska from the conservative wing of the ruling OĽaNO party, were adopted for second reading in parliament before summer holidays. In early September, another group of coalition deputies gathered around Jan Cigániková from Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) and presented its proposed amendments to the changes proposed by Záborska.

In an open letter to deputies, as many as 111 international NGOs expressed deep concern about the threats to the observance of “reproductive rights” in Slovakia. It was signed, among others, by representatives of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Women Global Network for Reproductive Rights.

“The bill being debated by the parliament would impose new barriers to access to legal abortion care, harm women’s health and well-being, and undermine their decision-making process, as well as violate their right to privacy (…) It would force doctors to act contrary to their professional obligations towards patients and create dangerous effects on the provision of legal abortion care in Slovakia and increase the damaging stigma associated with abortion,” the letter reads.



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