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Brazil: Sunday dedicated to persecuted Christians is drawing near

The Church in Brazil every year dedicates a Sunday to persecuted Christians. This year, the Sunday for Persecuted Christians (Domingo da Igreja Perseguida) will be celebrated on the 13th of September.


This year, throughout Brazil, more than ten thousand churches will take part. On this day, the faithful belonging to these churches pray for the persecuted Christians and learn about their everyday life and difficulties, especially the ex-Muslim Christians.

The churches that take part in this event receive videos, teachings, and testimonies from the organisers to help  in their participation and to make the event as unified as possible.

Ordinarily, the Sunday for Persecuted Christians is organised  on the Sunday after Pentecost because it is written in chapter four of the Acts of the Apostles that the persecution of Christians started after the descent of the Holy Spirit. This year the event was postponed due to the coronavirus; it will now take place next Sunday.

Source, photo: Portas Abertas

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