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Muslim gangs made Swedish police lose its authority in the city of Gothenburg

Sweden's Gothenburg is no longer managed by Swedes. Arab and African gangs took power in several districts of the city. Their soldiers control entering cars, thus deciding who has the right to stay in their area.


For several weeks now, the Swedish police have received reports that cars cannot freely enter the streets in several northeastern districts of Gothenburg. The Kurdish clan of the Ali Khan family is based there. There have been times when gangs have hired young scouts to warn them about the police.

Now, however, they have gone one step further, the head of the Gothenburg police, Erik Nord, told the media. Police say street checks are the result of a war by the Ali Khan gang, which operates mainly in the district of Angered, with another immigrant gang from the Hisings Backa neighbourhood..

In addition to blockades in the streets, there have also been shootings in recent weeks. Officers were recently summoned to a luxury hotel at Gothenburg Central Station. Representatives of both gangs gathered there and negotiated with each other. After the police arrived, the gangsters quietly parted ways. No one was arrested.

Thus, Swedes face the risk of repression for reporting gang activities to the police. An elementary school worker in Angered was recently kidnapped and beaten up for reporting to the police that there were two armed men inside an elementary school.



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