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TikTok video calls on Christians to convert to Islam for USD 1200 – video


A Muslim businessman offers over a thousand dollars to Christians who convert to Islam, almost six thousand if an entire Christian family converts. His video praising Islamic proselytising goes viral: even young Muslims are pushing young Christians to abandon the Christian faith.


A video posted on TikTok two days ago has gone viral. In it Mian Kashif Zameer Chohadary, a Muslim textile businessman, urges Christians to convert to Islam. If they do, he will give them each 200,000 rupees (about USD 1200, a million (USD 5,930) if an entire Christian family converts.

The video was posted by account n. 9999. The author, with a gold chain around his neck, says: “Hi! My name is Mian Kashif Zameer. Here on TikTok, people issue stupid challenges to others. But now I’m about to announce an offer that has never been made [. . .] If a Christian accepts Islam, I will give him 200,000 rupees; if a whole family converts to Islam, I will give a million rupees. Please accept Islam, which is the best religion.”

Mr Kashif, who belongs to the MD Group, also says that everyone must help and support those who convert to Islam because this work will help them on the day of salvation.

Many Christians feel offended by Kashif’s proselytising. But forced conversions to Islam also affects Pakistan’s Hindu and Sikh minorities.

In late July, another video on TikTok went viral. It shows a group of young Muslim men trying to force a young Christian to reject Christianity and recite the Kalima, the Islamic beliefs.

The video was posted on the Bilal Maher 479 account. In it, a young Christian says that he will never recite the Muslim beliefs and that he would never reject his Christian faith. When the Muslim men threaten him, he says he is ready to face all the consequences, but that he will not give up his religion.

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