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Niger: Jihadists attack a Christian village


The attack happened earlier in August, near to the border with Burkina Faso. Armed Jihadists attacked a village in Niger, near to Bomanga, and threatened the habitants with death if they did not convert to the Islamic faith.


According to a priest of the Society of African Missions, the objective of the armed men was clear: they wanted to convert the people to Islam and force them to renounce their Christian faith.

Father Mauro Armanino, a priest in the mission, told Fides news agency that Christians are the target of constant attacks in the region, where many Jihadist terrorists have been settled in the past years. If the people do not convert to Islamism, their village will be demolished. 

During this latest attack, the terrorists damaged and demolished houses, and also assassinated two citizens. According to Father Armanio their death was a warning to the inhabitants not to collaborate with the authorities who have lost control over this part of the country.

The attack happened 18 Kilometres from Bomanga, from where Father Maccalli was kidnapped two years ago. Fortunately, the priest is still alive. In March, his kidnappers shared a video of him and another man, who has also been detained.

Source: ACN Portugal

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