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Indian Christians return to village where they were attacked for their faith

A Christian couple and their children were asleep in their beds in central India at 11 pm when villagers, who follow the local tribal religion, broke into their home and began beating them with wooden batons.


The family of Bhima and Devi Markham fled from their home in Devkupli Para, Chhattisgarh on the 20th of May, to save their lives, an area pastor said.

“They ran into the wilderness to hide while the assailants vandalized their belongings, throwing away the food grains in their homes,” Pastor Ramdhar Kashyap told Morning Star News.

The mob of fifteen furious villagers went on to beat Christians Chenna Markham and Joga Kunjam and their families, along with an unidentified elderly Christian woman, driving them from their homes.

“The three families including their children and the elderly woman, a total of fourteen injured Christians, fled from Devkupli Para in different directions fearing for their lives,” Pastor Kahyap said. They journeyed about two miles on foot before reaching his church premises in Burdi village at about 3 am, he said.

Police station head Akeshwar Nag said he warned the alleged assailants that he would have to arrest them under non-bailable charges, punishable by up to 10 years in prison if they did not live peaceably with the Christians.

The Christians driven from their homes returned to the village on the 13th of July, but they are traumatised and shunned, Pastor Kashyap said.


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