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Pro-life volunteers attacked by left-wing activists in Warsaw

Volunteers of the Pro-Right-to-Life Foundation were attacked in the very centre of Warsaw last Saturday. The attackers cut the tarp of the organisation's car and punctured the tires.

In an interview with the portal, one of the organisation’s members, Mariusz Dzierżawski, emphasises that the perpetrators of the attack are ideologically inspired “rainbow bandits”. He notes that the whole incident could have very serious consequences.

“Rainbow bandits blocked our van directly on the tram tracks. Fortunately, the driver stopped the vehicle, but any collision could be extremely dangerous. So, the bandits threatened the life of our driver,” he explained.

He added that a few moments later, another attack on the volunteers of the Pro Foundation – the Right to Life took place. A van with the words “Stop Pedophilia” was stopped by another group.

“A few, maybe even a dozen or so people started threatening our colleagues with knives. When one of the them got out of the car, several people threw themselves at him and knocked him down. It was a bandit robbery. This is a very serious situation. I can say with full responsibility that the lives of our colleagues were at risk,” Dzierżawski concluded.


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