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Third “honour killing” this month in Iran

In a third “honour killing” in less than a month, a twenty-two-year-old woman bled to death after her father hit her with an iron bar. The event led to widespread demand for justice in Iran where a father who kills his child is often not considered as murder. The victim, identified as Rayhaneh Ameri from Kerman province, was killed last Sunday night because she had returned home late, according to Radio Farda.


The following morning, Reyhaneh’s mother and sister found her garments soaked in blood, and police found traces of blood leading to her father’s car. After being caught, the father confessed to killing his daughter.

Honour killings are prevalent in some hardline Muslim societies, as well as in some Asian countries, where relatives kill family members who they believe have disgraced the family in some way. Iran’s law doesn’t treat a father who kills his child as a murderer, nor does it make him liable for the death penalty.

In May, a fourteen-year-old Iranian girl, Romina Ashrafi, was beheaded by her father in Gilan province after she ran away with an older man who had groomed her.

Ashrafi was brutally dismembered with a sickle —a tool with a curved blade that is generally used to harvest crops, according to Following the crime, the girl’s father confessed to the crime “with the sickle in his hand” outside of the house. 

Also in May, an eighteen-year-old girl was killed when her brother set fire to the house she was in, in retaliation for her marrying an older man, according to The Jerusalem Post.


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