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False kidnapping accusation by family of Christian convert

Zulfitri Handayani, a woman from Aceh was declared kidnapped by her family when she converted from Islam to Christianity. Her two sons were taken away by the family of her ex-husband and her own family. Watch video!


In Zulfitri’s video, she told the Mayor of Langsa, in Northern Sumatra, that she chose the path of Christianity and there was no kidnapping as claimed by her family. She apologized to her family but asked them not to accuse other people, slandering the man they claim to have kidnapped her, – International Christian Concern reports.

Zulfitri also clarified in her video that she was under no pressure or outside parties to declare that she wants to follow Jesus Christ sincerely in public She begs her sister, Amelia, to have mercy and at least leave one of her children with her because she can take care of them better than their father. She cries, “Is it wrong to have another religion? Is Christianity wrong? To the people of Aceh, do not believe my family.”

The province of Aceh stands alone in having formally established Shariah law in Muslim majority Indonesia. An Acehnese is presumed to be a devout Muslim. As a result, some men back home went to Zulfitri’s family, advocating for the family to ask the government intervene and send the children to an Islamic school.

The Muslims stress the importance that her children have to be Muslims. They also tried to frighten the family, saying Zulfitri may someday kidnap her kids. 

The family also attempted to forcibly bring Zulfitri back home, but to no avail. Zulfitri remains in Medan without her children. Please pray for Zulfitri as ICC begins the process of reaching out to Zulfitri to provide assistance.

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