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A man disturbed Masses in Poland by attacking priests and the faithful

A man disturbed the celebration of Mass three times in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher in Miechów (Poland). The individual who tried to rob the presbytery and insulted the priest and the faithful has since been arrested.


On Saturday, officers from Miechów detained a young man who had entered the presbytery in Miechów with a knife in his hand and threatened to kill the two priests. He also demanded money. The spokesman for the Małopolska region police, Sebastian Gleń, stated that a female eye witness affirmed that the man “was aggressive, waved a sharp tool and tried to destroy panels on the walls.”

According to reports, the same man had previously disrupted Mass in this same church. On each occasion, he vehemently insulted both the priests and the faithful.

The police charged the individual with attempted robbery and the deliberate interruption of the public execution of religious acts. At the request of the local prosecutor’s office, the Miechów District Court remanded the accused in custody for three months. A decision on sentencing will be decided later by the courts.


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