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Sweden: “Northernmost mosque in the world” planned

The city has a population of just under 50,000. The mosque is planned to be built on the island of Hertsön, which is the largest residential area of Luleå, outside the city centre. Photo shows the snow-covered Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's Mosque, the Stockholm Grand Mosque, which is the largest mosque of the Swedish capital.


Sweden is planning to host what is being billed as “the northernmost mosque in the world.” The mosque is being welcomed by the city of Luleå, which is on the northern Swedish coast in Norrbotten County, the country’s northernmost district.

The idea for the mosque was first put forward in 2013 by the Norrbotten Islamic Centre. The original plan was for it to be a very large construction with a price tag of 100 million Swedish krona (approximately 9.4 million euros). But as this was deemed too expensive, the new plan calls for a structure costing 12 million krona (approximately 1.1 million euros), according to a report by Sweden’s national television network SVT.

As the Muslim populations in the countries of Western Europe continue to increase through both migration and birthrate, the number of mosques is quickly growing, sometimes at the expense of Christian churches.

For example, on some occasions, the Norwegian government has awarded financial grants to the tune of tens of thousands of euros to Norway’s Islamic Cultural Centre so that they can convert churches into mosques, as previously reported by

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