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A priest was arrested for preventing an abortion in the U.S.

A Catholic priest and a pro-life activist were arrested in the United States. The priest refused to leave the abortion clinic, where he objected to the murder of unborn children


Father Stephen Imbarrato and pro-life activist Linda Mueller were arrested at the SurgiClinic clinic in Washington DC, which performs abortions in advanced cases of pregnancy. In 2017, the priest spent a week in prison for participating in a pro-life campaign in Washington.

According to LifeSiteNews, other pro-life activists may also be arrested such as Father Fidelis Moscinski, Will Goodman and Joan McKee. The three protested at the Capital Women’s Services abortion clinic, which caries out late abortions, up to the 36th week of pregnancy.

This clinic is located in the same building as the US Department of Health. The murder of the unborn in the US was legalised 47 years ago; the federal government co-finances this practice with taxes. Protesters give red roses to women and ask them not to have an abortion; the action is called Red Rose Rescue and is inspired by the achievements of Canadian pro-life activist Mary Wagner.

As Fr. Imbarrato explained in an interview that the clinics where protests are currently taking place, are located in massive buildings, and this means that pro-lifers cannot stand in front of them to save children. That is why a strategy was adopted to enter the facilities themselves.

“Our task is to make careful contact with mothers, in the hope that they will save their children,” he explained. All rescuers risk being arrested trying to save these children,” he added.

The priest also recalled that 2020 is the 25th anniversary of the publication of the encyclical Evangelium Vitae of Saint John Paul II on the sanctity and integrity of human life. In this document, the Pope clearly called abortion murder.


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