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Islamic State claims responsibility for Mozambique attacks

Over the past two weeks, gunmen have seized two towns in Northern Mozambique. The first of these attacks took place on Monday, March 23, International Christian Concern reported.


Some of the militants approached the port town of Mocimboa da Praia. ICC highlighted, that this town is important to the country for its access to the sea, and is also located near an oil site that is worth billions of dollars.

After stealing government supplies, the group reportedly handed out some of these stolen items to the local population. This will help them gain more support and potential recruits in the future.

The group was then pushed back out of the town less than 48 hours later. Yet, the group was able to attack and secure a second town in the Northern part of Mozambique on Wednesday. These attacks show that ISIS now has a strong affiliate in Central Africa who has access to Mozambique, Central African Republic and other poor, small nations in Africa.


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