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Four Christian aid workers went missing in Baghdad

Four humanitarian aid workers employed by the French non-governmental organization, SOS Christians of the Middle East (SOS Chretiens d'Orient) were kidnapped in Baghdad on 20 January.


Their disappearance comes at a time of heightened tensions in the country, BBC reports.

SOS Chretiens d’Orient said its four employees were primarily in Baghdad to complete “administrative formalities”, such as renewing their visas and registering the organisation with authorities.

According to International Christian Concern, three of the disappeared workers are French and one is Iraqi. There have been no ransom demands, and the charity has asked that their identities remain undisclosed for security reasons.

Following the death of Iranian general and former leader of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qassem Suleimani by a US drone strike the situation is deteriorated in Iraq. 

Iranian influence has long been an issue in Iraq and the Shia country is trying to force out foreign countries. Iraq is predominantly a Muslim country with a slight Shia majority (55-60 percent) for which Iran is making efforts to assert its own interests.


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