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A bus transporting pilgrims attacked in France

On January 19, a bus transporting pilgrims has been attacked with paintball balls by a group of around twenty people with hoods in the French city of Caen.

Benoit Galle, who was responsible for the organization of the journey reports the testimony of his driver: “Around twenty hooded people  got out of their cars and dumped paint with paintball guns and marbles on the bus. The whole action looked to be well coordinated. “

According to Ouest-France, the group of activists confused the pilgrims with memers of the “Manif pour tous” (opposing homosexual marriage). The attackers probably thought they were targeting participants in the Paris demonstration against PMA, the diocese assumes. “Probably a target error, but still!” comments Father Laurent Berthou, spokesperson for the diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux.

This is the second time that this type of event has occurred. In October 2019, already, after returning from a Rosary pilgrimage, a group had shouted in front of a bus. This reflects the fragility of French society and the sporadic violence which manifests itself on various occasions according to the same operating mode. This is why, as Christians, we want to demonstrate our attachment to social peace, respect for people and freedom of expression in its diversity. ” explained Father Berthou.


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