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Video: Colombian Cathedral vandalised

Bogota Cathedral

On Thursday, the 25th of April, a group of angry left-wing radicals stormed the Cathedral of Bogota in Colombia, attacked the Episcopal Palace, hurled stones at the policemen that were standing at the gates of the church and graffitied the walls. Thirty-five people were arrested. The following video, shared by the Colombian NOTICIAS RPTV, shows the conflict between police and the vandals.

The attack happened during a demonstration by labourers, teachers, and students who were protesting on Bolívar Square in Bogota about high unemployment. It was there that they started to throw stones at the Cathedral Church and the Episcopal Palace. Some demonstrators painted graffiti on church walls and started a fire in the vicinity.

The police attempted to disperse the crowd with tear-gas, but the demonstrators retaliated, throwing stones and bottles.

Local newspapers reported that police later arrested 35 individuals.  The President of Colombia, Iván Duque, condemned the demonstrators, and posted on his Twitter account:

“I request the authorities to identify and punish the perpetrators of this violence and vandalism against the Primatial Cathedral of Bogota.”

The attack caused permanent and grave damage to the cathedral, and the repairs will cost an estimated 125 million  Columbian pesos, approximately 40 thousand dollars.

Source: Aciprensa

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